GoGreen Key Person Insurance

Full coverage life insurance protecting you and your environment.

Key Person Insurance

Similar to Whole Life insurance, a properly structured Key Person insurance policy will give the corporattion flexibility with the income generated from the policy. Key Person and Corporate Life Insurance policies have substantial tax-free advantages that every business owner deserves to capitalize on. Your Financial Tree Corporation works with the best insures, to confidently delivery the best insurance solutions. A portion of every policy sold contributes toward Project: GoGreen's Mission 2030 reforestation initiative.

Key Person Insurance Made Easy

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Every policy contributes to Mission 2030

Generating Clean Air

Your Financial Tree Corporation loves travel and the environment we all explore. A portion of every travel policy, mortgage, and insurance policy sold contributes towards environmental initiatives to plant trees and clean polluted air caused by human footprint. YFTC protects you, while saving the environment, one tree at a time.