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All measurements are estimations based on the following statistics from environmental representatives.

Your Financial Tree contracts planting to a variety of third party tree planting companies in Canada. Most trees planted are young - (between ages of 1 to 10). All environmental calculations shown on our site estimate the environmental productivity of young trees.

Environmental Representative Information

Carbon Dioxide Absorbption Estimation

"A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 48 lb. per year".

"A single young tree can absorb 26 pounds of CO2 per year".

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Young Tree Productivity Estimation

Young tree productivity calculation based on Arbor Environmental Alliance data: P = ((26 pounds of CO2) / (48 pounds of CO2)) *100% = 54%

Based on Arbor Environmental Alliance's carbon absorption calculation, a generic young tree has carbon absorption equal to 54% that of a generic adult tree.

To extrapolate other statistical differences between young and old trees, YFTC uses the above young vs. old productivity calculation and adds a negative tolerance value to have a safer estimate of how other young vs. old tree statistics like water filtration and oxygen production compare.

Thus instead of evaluating Carbon, Oxygen and Water statistics (young vs. old tree) at a 54 percentile we advertise these statistics at a 25 percentile, ensuring there is no embelishment of environmental statistics.

Water Filtration Estimation

"One large tree can capture and filter up to 36,500 gallons of water per year".

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Oxygen Production Estimation

"One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year".

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In the below section we use the above stats to provide our young tree environmental statistic estimations seen on our main page in the tree map and statistic bar areas.

Young Tree Estimations


1. CO2 Absorbed per year = 12 pounds (25% that of a mature tree)

At 25% that of a mature tree -> 48 pounds/year /4 = 12 pounds


2. H2O Filtered per year = 34541.88 litres (25% that of a mature tree)

At 25% that of a mature tree -> 36,500 US gallons/year /4 = 9125 US gallons = 34541.88 litres


3. O2 Produced per year = 65 pounds (25% that of a mature tree)

At 25% that of a mature tree -> 260 pounds/year /4 = 65 pounds

As YFTC trees mature, the actual benefits will be much greater than those estimated in our statistics bar and tree map, as we will still calculate based on our 25% estimation for young tree values.

If you have any questions on these three statistics please get in touch with us below.

Generating Clean Air

Your Financial Tree Corporation loves travel and the environment we all explore. A portion of every travel policy, mortgage, and insurance policy sold contributes towards environmental initiatives to plant trees and clean polluted air caused by human footprint. YFTC protects you, while saving the environment, one tree at a time.