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Why GoGreen?

The impact you have on the environment is substantial. Travelling, home ownership, and day-to-day living create a massive amount of carbon waste our environment must filter. Planting trees help this process by cleaning the water we drink and the air we breathe.

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How our policies save the environment

Project GoGreen is Your Financial Tree’s call to action for those who believe the time is now to protect the environment we all love. For every travel insurance policy sold, mortgage sold, and life insurance policy sold, YFTC will donate a portion of proceeds to tree planting initiatives across Canada. Every tree planted will be named and geo-tagged on our Tree Map, giving you access to your tree statistics digitally, in real time. YFTC will keep track of each individual tree’s progress, content you can share with your network on social media.

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Generating Clean Air

Your Financial Tree Corporation loves travel and the environment we all explore. A portion of every travel policy, mortgage, and insurance policy sold contributes towards environmental initiatives to plant trees and clean polluted air caused by human footprint. YFTC protects you, while saving the environment, one tree at a time.